Our history

Since 1974, our company has woven a history of passion, dedication and love for yarns.

A story that began with the production of yarns on cones, destined to become splendid garments.

Every thread tells a story, every shirt is a piece of our heritage.


Tradition and Quality

Quality has always been at the center of our production. We have never been satisfied with second place, and over the years, we have perfected our art, selecting only the highest quality raw materials.

This commitment is reflected in every yarn we produce, guaranteeing our customers products of unparalleled beauty and resistance.

A Journey Through Time...

Imagine a time when everything was made by hand, with care and attention.

It was 1974 when we started producing our first yarns. Since then, we have kept that tradition alive, while embracing innovations.

Our history is a testament to our dedication to excellence and passion for what we do.

Scroll through our gallery to see some of our most iconic pieces, made with our high-quality yarns. While we can't show you the faces behind these pieces, each image tells the story of our dedication and commitment.


Commitment to the Environment

We are proud to use eco-friendly packaging that respects nature.

Our responsibility is not limited to producing high-quality yarns, but also extends to caring for our planet.

Join Our Story

Our story wouldn't be complete without you.

We invite all our customers to become part of our family, sharing their stories and their creations made with our yarns.