CashLove -8 colors

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100% pure cashmere

Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of knitting with our Pure Scottish Cashmere, Cashlove. This yarn represents the very essence of luxury and comfort, making it the ideal choice for your most sophisticated knitting projects.

Each 100 grams of Cashlove offers you 360 meters of yarn, an invitation to create elegant, high-quality garments. Its unparalleled softness will caress the skin, giving a unique sensorial experience. 🧶💖

For perfect results, we recommend using 3 to 3.5 mm needles, which will enhance the fineness and softness of this exceptional cashmere.

The price refers to 100 grams. If you want a larger quantity, such as 300 grams, simply add 3 products to your cart.

Regardless of the quantity ordered, you will receive the yarn in a single package, ready to accompany you in the creation of unique and refined garments. 🧵👗

washing instructions

This cashmere is not fulled.


First of all you need to perform this procedure on a sample to calculate the shrinkage. To develop your model you must use the measurements of the treated sample.

There are two ways to wash a finished garment: by hand and in the washing machine. We give you instructions for washing in the washing machine as it releases that fantastic bit of cashmere that is normally found in sweaters bought in shops.

Take a bag for delicate clothing and place the sample/finished item inside.

For this delicate wash you must use the wool or delicate cycle.

Set the temperature to 30 degrees.

The spin speed should be as low as possible (400 rpm or less). The spin time must be reduced (maximum 5 minutes).

Place 1 scoop of detergent for delicate or fine fibers (detergent for wool or cashmere) in the detergent compartment, in the fabric softener compartment

Place 2 measuring spoons of fabric softener, in the final rinse or bleach compartment put 2 measuring spoons of white vinegar (not red, because it stains). Adding vinegar softens the water.

When you wash the sample, also load other woolen items in the drum so as not to wash just the sample.

After washing, let the finished sample/item drain and squeeze lightly without twisting, lay out on a towel, roll up with the towel itself and press lightly with your hands.

Take another dry towel, lay it flat and shape it into the desired shape, fixing with needles if necessary.

Dry horizontally.

If you are a lover of perfection, you can proceed with light vaporization from a distance (only from a distance) using a slightly damp cloth.

And here is the perfect cashmere garment!

This treatment must be carried out ONLY ONCE, never repeat it, otherwise there is a risk of felting.

For maintenance, follow the hand washing instructions for fine items.


We only recommend hand washing in warm water using a small amount of a specific detergent for fine garments. In the case of multicolored or brightly colored yarns, add a few drops of white vinegar (not red because it stains). Leave to soak for no more than 10 minutes. Don't rub. Rinse in plenty of water (changing it), until the water remains clear. Do not wring, press lightly to remove excess water. Use a towel to wrap the wet head, roll it up inside the towel and press it with your hands. Take another dry towel, place it horizontally not in direct sunlight, lay it over your head. Dry at room temperature away from heat sources. Never use the iron directly on the garment. You can use steam.

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CashLove -8 colors


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