Lollipops - 7 colors

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75% cotton and 25% viscose

Lollipops is our yarn that perfectly harmonizes the qualities of cotton and viscose, creating a texture that is both soft and resistant. It is the ideal choice for those who like to combine comfort and durability in their crochet and knitting projects.

The unique combination of cotton and viscose in Lollipops not only ensures a pleasant feel, but also guarantees resistance that will keep your garments beautiful over time. This yarn is therefore perfect for creating everything from crochet toys to everyday clothing. 🧶👕

With 100 grams of Lollipops, you'll get 240 meters of yarn, allowing you to explore a variety of projects, both large and small.

For optimal workmanship, we recommend using 4.5 to 5 mm needles, which will help you obtain a uniform and defined stitch.

The price refers to 100 grams. If you want 300 grams, simply add 3 products to your cart.

Regardless of the quantity ordered, you will receive the yarn in a single package, ready to accompany you in the creation of unique and refined garments. 🧵👗

washing instructions

Among natural fibres, cotton is the easiest to treat. For white items, maximum temperatures can be used, but bleaching is not necessary. More attention, however, is needed when dealing with colored garments. Obviously they should not be bleached, furthermore it is better to stop at a maximum temperature of 60°C, furthermore it is important to separate soft colors from strong ones. It is better not to rub the latter, otherwise they will discolour.

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Lollipops - Misto Cotone e Viscosa - 7 colori - Maninmaglia

Lollipops - 7 colors


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