Soft-100 Merino Wool Cord-4 colors mi

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90% fine merino wool and 10% polyamide

Soft embodies the essence of merino wool, transformed into a versatile and high-impact cord. It is ideal for those looking for the quality of merino combined with the substance of a thicker yarn, perfect for projects that require a smooth texture and a strong visual presence.

This yarn combines the typical softness of merino wool with the strength necessary to create thick and comfortable garments. Each 100 grams gives you 150 meters of length, ideal for making sweaters, blankets, hats and scarves that combine style and comfort. 🧶🧣

We recommend using 6mm needles to work this yarn, allowing you to fully appreciate its quality and obtain a uniform and defined knit.

The price refers to 100 grams. If your project requires a larger quantity, such as 300 grams, simply add 3 products to your cart.

Regardless of the quantity ordered, you will receive the yarn in a single package, ready to accompany you in the creation of unique and refined garments. 🧵👗

washing instructions

Do not wash them in very hot water or with common detergents.
We take a plastic container, fill it with warm water (about 30°C), and add a little neutral soap or the specific one for woolen garments, after which we immerse the garment and leave it to soak for about ten minutes .
Once the necessary time has passed, you can take the garment out without rubbing it, it should be washed with great care and in plenty of warm water, while for the final rinse completely cold water should be used. Then wrap it gently without wringing it. For those who have little time available, the advice is to wash merino wool garments in the washing machine, but using a delicate program that simulates hand washing.

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Morbido - Cordoncino in Lana Merino - 4 colori - Maninmaglia

Soft-100 Merino Wool Cord-4 colors mi


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